Angostura 1919 Rum (8 Year Old) Gift Pack


Angostura 1919 Rum is a specially blended, luxury sipping rum from the Caribbean. Aged for up to ten years in oak casks to create a smooth, well-rounded rum with delicate notes of cocoa and toffee which complement the complex flavours of nougat, honey & vanilla. Rated one of the best aged rums from the Caribbean by Wine and Spirit International, the American Beverage Institute, the US Spirits Journal and Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

The Trinadad & Tobago Government Rum Bond was destroyed by fire in 1932. The casks that survived the fire were wisely purchased by Joseph Bento Fernandes, a renowned blender and owner of Fernandes Distillery. When he tasted the casks, he discovered that those stamped with the year ‘1919’ were very good. Based on these casks, he devised a new rum blend. The new blend was so popular that when Trinidadian troops went to fight in WWII, Fernandes sent each of them a bottle of his 1919. After selling this brand, as well as his distillery, to Angostura, who made this 8-year-old mix in the style of Fernandes’ original 1919, Joseph sold it to them.

FOC 2 x Premium Rock Glasses

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