BALDUZZI Reserva Carbenet Sauvignon Red Wine


This wine has been aged in French oak barrels for over a year and has a deep ruby red colour with a pleasant bouquet of red ripe fruits, spices, leather, and fine wood. The palate has a lot of body and a smooth finish. Appearance of the Tasting The colour is a deep ruby red with soft orange borders. Aroma Fruits in their prime, spices, leather, and fine wood Palate Tannins that are soft and have a long finish 18°C / 64°F Serving Temperature Pairing It goes well with meats and spicy dishes.

Carmenere pairs well with menus that include savoury flavours and spice. Carmenere pairs well with everything from steak to BBQ to red-sauce pasta. However, avoid drinking red wine with seafood.


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