Deakin Estate Artisan’s Blend Shiraz Viognier 2017


Deakin Estate’s family-owned vineyards are located near Mildura in northern Victoria, Australia. The majestic Murray River weaves its way across the land here, bringing life to the region and the vineyards. The Artisan’s Blend features expert varietal blends from the Estate’s vineyards. Shiraz and Viognier were fermented together in static red fermenters. Pump overs on a regular basis ensured that the two varieties were evenly distributed throughout the tank. This allowed the Viognier to contribute what it does best in the blend: good acidity and palate length. This is an elegant, rich, and fruity red wine with flavours of black cherry, plum, spice, and vanilla oak. It goes well with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, as well as Peking Duck and spicy noodle dishes.


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