Royal Brackla 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky


Royal Brackla 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky was aged in Oloroso sherry casks, giving it a superb fruity, spicy depth of flavour. King William IV awarded the first ‘royal’ warrant to Royal Brackla in 1833!

Rich and exuberant

Ripe peaches, black cherries, chocolate-covered almonds, and muscovado sugar mix elegantly with the full-bodied spiciness of Oloroso and the bright summer wind of Royal Brackla to create a smooth and appealing dram.


This Scotch refuge has constructed a whisky story rooted in history for almost two centuries. Royal Brackla Distillery, created by Captain William Fraser in 1812 on the Cawdor Estate in the Scottish Highlands, stands on lush farmland. Royal Brackla, a distillery fit for a king, was the first Scotch whisky to be granted a Royal Warrant, by King William IV in 1833 — The King’s Own Whisky, which is still true today. The style of the distillery is lavish and fruity, with rich sherried aromas. Every Royal Brackla variety is completed in the best first-fill sherry casks obtained straight from Spain to produce an opulent result for a noble drink.


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