Tanqueray Nº TEN Gin Gift Pack with Copa Glass


Tanqueray No. 10, the first ultra-premium gin, establishes the bar. Every sip of Tanqueray No. 10 Gin, which is made in small amounts using the four original London Dry botanicals as well as fresh whole grapefruits, oranges, limes, and chamomile flowers, results in a citrus explosion. We are quite proud of the fact that Tanqueray No.10 is the only white spirit and the only gin to be given a spot in the San Francisco Spirits Awards Hall of Fame. Tanqueray No.10 Gin is the identifiable premium gin of the Tanqueray line thanks to its smooth and delectable flavour.

No. 10 Tanqueray Gin tastes best when served with lots of ice, tonic water, and a pink grapefruit slice as a garnish.

Tanqueray Nº TEN 75cl Gift Pack with Copa Glass


  • Region: UK
  • Style: Gin
  • Size: 750mL
  • Alcohol: 47.3%
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