The Listening Station Shiraz Red Wine


Shiraz, Australia’s most popular grape varietal, is full-bodied with high alcohol content and vibrant berry and plum flavours on the nose and palate. Australia’s hot summers and cool winters add complexity and structure to the wine, making it a global favourite.

Shiraz is said to be robust and spicy, with a slightly sweet finish. When drinking this varietal, you will also get a velvety and slightly syrupy mouthfeel.

These grapes, which are genetically identical to French Syrah, migrated to Australia in the nineteenth century and thrived, taking on characteristics of indigenous flora. When drinking this wine, it is not uncommon to detect notes of Eucalyptus.

Shiraz, which rose to commercial prominence in the last decade of the twentieth century, is a fan favourite around the world and a great wine for drinkers of all levels of experience.

Enjoy this wine with flavorful spicy foods ranging from steak to mediterranean and even latin cuisines. This wine can overpower more delicate dishes, so avoid lighter proteins and unspiced seafood.


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