Valle De La Puerta Clasico Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine


Argentina’s king is Malbec. If you prefer rich, full-bodied wines with dark fruit flavours, try the fruit-forward Valle De La Puerta Clasico Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina.

Argentina’s Cabs are very similar to Malbecs. Best of all, they are usually not very expensive!

Argentina’s dry, hot climate is ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. Because the grapes ripen quickly, these Cabs are almost always packed with blackberries, cherries, pepper, vanilla, and a hint of mint.

Cabs in Argentina, like Malbec, vary in quality, but for the money, it is difficult to go wrong these days. The majority of the wines are inexpensive, but there are some world-class Cabs that are much more expensive.

Argentina’s Cabs are not as large as those from Napa Valley, but they are typically richer and fuller than those from Bordeaux.


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