Frangelico Liqueur


Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur – A Taste of Italian Luxury

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of Frangelico, the premium Italian hazelnut liqueur that offers a symphony of flavors to delight the connoisseur in you. Crafted with the finest ingredients in the picturesque Piedmont region of Italy, this golden-amber elixir is a testament to a 300-year-old tradition of excellence.

Experience the Essence of Piedmont Hazelnuts Every bottle of Frangelico is a treasure trove of rich, smooth, and nutty flavors, thanks to the meticulously selected Piedmont hazelnuts at its heart. These hazelnuts, renowned for their quality, are toasted to perfection and steeped in a water and alcohol solution to extract their full essence. The result? A velvety liqueur that sings with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate, creating a taste profile as deep and complex as its monastic heritage.

Time-Honored Tradition Meets Modern Enjoyment Frangelico pays homage to its storied past with a classic bottle design inspired by the humble garb of a Franciscan friar, complete with a rope belt. While it nods to history, Frangelico is perfect for modern palates, whether you’re savoring it neat, on the rocks, or as the secret ingredient in a sumptuous cocktail. At 20% alcohol by volume, it’s a versatile choice for any occasion.

Versatility in a Bottle Looking for the perfect companion for your coffee? A decadent addition to your dessert? Or perhaps a nuanced base for your next cocktail creation? Frangelico delivers. It’s not just a liqueur; it’s an invitation to experiment. Blend it into an Espresso Martini, swirl it into a chocolate lava cake, or simply pair it with a citrus twist to elevate your aperitif experience.

Responsible Luxury at Your Fingertips As part of Gruppo Campari’s illustrious lineup, Frangelico represents responsible indulgence. Each sip is an opportunity to savor the artisan craftsmanship and Italian heritage that Frangelico embodies. Join the ranks of discerning drinkers who know that luxury isn’t just about what’s in the glass—it’s about the story it tells.

Embrace the authentic Italian flavor, and make Frangelico a sophisticated addition to your liquor collection today. Discover why this hazelnut liqueur is the toast of Italy and a favorite among connoisseurs worldwide.


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