Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Limited Edition Release x Santtu Mustonen Flask Gift Set


In the esteemed world of single malt whiskies, Glenfiddich stands as a shining beacon of craftsmanship and tradition. Now, with the exclusive Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old x Santtu Mustonen Limited Edition Flask Gift Set, a fresh chapter is added to this tale, combining the heritage of a legendary distillery with the visionary strokes of contemporary design.

Nestled at the heart of this ensemble is the renowned Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old single malt whisky. An emblematic creation celebrated globally, it encapsulates a journey through time. Every sip reveals layers—oak, fruit, and warm spices—evidencing the careful aging process it undergoes. Whether you’re a dedicated whisky connoisseur or a passionate explorer at the start of your malt adventure, this whisky unfolds a spectrum of flavors to delight every palate.

Elevating this edition to a collector’s dream is the partnership with internationally acclaimed visual artist, Santtu Mustonen. More than a label, Mustonen’s colorful, dynamic illustrations breathe life into the bottle, juxtaposing the fluidity of contemporary art against the steadfast tradition of Glenfiddich. Every curve and color of his designs narrates an intricate story, inviting admirers into a world where art and spirit dance seamlessly.

Yet, the experience doesn’t end with the bottle. Reflecting the ethos of merging functionality with artistry is a meticulously crafted flask that accompanies this limited edition whisky. Ideal for both display and use, this flask is an epitome of elegance, embellished with Mustonen’s characteristic artwork, offering a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Gifting this set is akin to offering a piece of history intertwined with modern art. It’s a treasure trove for those who cherish limited edition collectibles, a haven for whisky enthusiasts, and a revelation for art lovers. Beyond just being a beverage, it invites you into a multisensory experience—a symphony of taste, sight, and legacy.

In the vast universe of whisky gift sets, let the Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old x Santtu Mustonen Limited Edition rise as the pinnacle of excellence. Crafted in limited numbers yet limitless in its allure, it beckons to those who seek the extraordinary in every drop and every detail.

FOC Glenfiddich Limited Edition Flask

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