Macallan A Night on Earth Limited Edition


Macallan A Night on Earth – The Journey: A Celebration in a Bottle

Embark on a celebratory journey with Macallan A Night on Earth – The Journey, an annual release that captures the essence of New Year festivities and the joy of coming together. This unique expression, crafted with a harmonious blend of first-fill American ex-bourbon barrels and European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks, is a tribute to the special moments we share with loved ones. It’s not just a whisky; it’s a celebration of the days gone by and the anticipation of future adventures.

Artistry and Collaboration

In collaboration with acclaimed Chinese artist Nini Sum, Macallan has created a limited edition that transcends the ordinary. The packaging, a multi-layered artistic masterpiece, provides an extraordinary unboxing experience. Nini Sum’s bespoke designs evoke cherished New Year memories, blending tradition with contemporary artistry.

Tasting Notes: A Tapestry of Memories

The whisky itself is a testament to Macallan’s masterful blending. It offers a rich and complex profile, with the effervescence of fireworks and the comforting aroma of toasted oak. Notes of milk candy and steamed rice pudding intertwine with a subtle nuttiness, reminiscent of sunflower seeds shared during family gatherings. Each sip evokes the warmth and joy of returning home.

The Universal Language of Celebration

A Night on Earth – The Journey resonates with universal themes of sharing, belonging, and wishing. It symbolizes the ties that unite us across cultures, a journey of introspection, and the exuberance of celebration. This release is more than a whisky; it’s a reflection of our collective journey and the emotions that define the New Year.

A Gift That Speaks Volumes

The packaging is as vibrant and playful as the occasion it represents. The exterior features a contemporary cityscape in soothing blues, contrasted with bright flashes of color, symbolizing the heartfelt journey home. The front, adorned in red, captures the essence of day and night, with hues that reflect the beauty of nature and the festivities of the night sky.

As you open the box, a warm yellow and orange interior greets you, reminiscent of lantern light and the comfort of home. Surrounded by imagery of the moon, trees, and twinkling lights, the bottle stands as a symbol of hope, new beginnings, and togetherness.


Macallan A Night on Earth – The Journey is more than just a limited-edition whisky; it’s a heartfelt celebration of the New Year, artfully crafted and beautifully presented. It’s an invitation to savor the moments that matter most and to cherish the joy of togetherness.


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